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SCB is proud of the career achievements of its members and the outstanding contributions they make to biodiversity conservation and we honor those achievements through an official awards program.

SCB presents global or regional awards, depending on the year. Global awards are presented in years that SCB hosts its International Congress for Conservation Biology. Regional awards are presented in years where SCB Groups host regional congresses.

SCB presented its 2019 Distinguished Service Awards at ICCB 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Society also presents Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards annually.

See below for a schedule of current and upcoming calls for nominations for SCB Global and Regional Service Awards and Student Research Fellowship Awards. 



​2020 SCB Regional Service Awards

The Call for Nominations for 2020 SCB Regional Service Awards is closed. 2020 RSAs will be presnted at the SCB Group Congresses.


SCB Global Service Award Winners Announced

Click here for our announcement on 2019's Global Award winners!


2019 Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards

SCB presents ten $1,000 Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards annually. The call for applications for 2019 is closed. Visit the SCB Student Awards page to learn more. 


​2018 SCB Award Winners

Read about SCB's most recent (2018) Regional Service Award and Graduate Student Research Fellowship Award winners.  


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