About SCB

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) serves as the premier international membership society for professionals, students and non-profits dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving biodiversity.


To advance the science and practice of conserving Earth’s biological diversity.


We envision a world where people understand, value, and conserve the diversity of life on Earth and where SCB, a globally diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, serves as a leading voice for the scientific study and conservation of Earth’s biological diversity.

photo Meet Elise

Member Spotlight

Meet Elise

Learn about Elise Contreras’ research and her time in the field on Groote Island working with quolls. More

SCB Peer Reviewed Journals
publications September 30, 2020
Conservation Biology

Vol. 35, No. 1
Peacock katydid (Pterochroza sp.) in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador. More...

publications November 09, 2020
Conservation Science and Practice
Vol. 3 No. 2 (Open Access)
Community fish measurers, Suluasi Waqalevu and Esava Natasiwai at work in Navotua Village in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. More...
publications December 16, 2020
Conservation Letters

Vol. 14, No. 1 (Open Access)
Echo parakeet (Psittacula eques); a species saved from extinction by conservation action. More...


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